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  • Sale! Alchemy Energetics Shamanic Spiritual Healing @holistictreats London Massage and Energy Therapies

    Alchemy Energetics Shamanic Spiritual Healing

  • Sale! Cosmic Seed Initiation Pleiades Origin Story New Moon conjunct Alcyone Online Live Class

    Cosmic Seed Initiation | Pleiades Origin Story Online Class RECORDINGS

  • Sale! head massage with frangipani nourishing hair and scalp treatment

    Frangipani Head Massage

  • Sale! Full Moon - Pleiades New Fire Ceremony 8 PM GMT 19 Nov 2021 Live Online Event RECORDINGS. Learn how to realign your heart with the Heart of Mother Earth and the Heart of the Cosmos.

    Full Moon – Pleiades New Fire Ceremony | 19 Nov ’21 Online Class RECORDINGS

  • Sale! Ancestral Healing with Ersilia at Light Centre Monument EC3R 8DU

    Healing with the Ancestors

  • Sale! Lucid Dreaming one-to-one session

    Lucid Dreaming One-to-One Online Sessions

  • Sale! Mars-Pleiades Rare Conjunction Online Event: Cultural Astronomy, Astrology, Divination & Rituals | An Experiential Initiation | Register at and Join the Live Class @ 8pm GMT March 3 2021 or get the Zoom Recordings

    Mars-Pleiades Rare Conjunction Online Live Event RECORDINGS: Cultural Astronomy, Astrology, Divination & Rituals | March 3 2021

  • Sale! Online Holistic Health & Wellbeing Packages

    Online Health and Wellbeing Packages 25% OFF

  • Sale! Pink Full Moon Supermoon Live Online Experiential Event 8-10pm BST 27 April 2021 | Moon Magic Healing Rituals | Sacred Space | Sacred Water | Emotional Release

    Pink Full Moon Supermoon Online Live Class 27 April ’21 RECORDINGS

  • Sale! Pleiades Energy Healing Sessions and Initiations

    Pleiades Energy Healing

  • Sale! Learn Pleiades Energy Healing Online | Zoom Live Initiations and Training 20-21-22 May 2021

    Pleiades Energy Healing Course | Online Live Class Recorded 20-21-22 May 2021

  • Sale! Reflexology for pain and stress management. reflexology and prescriptive aromatherapy

    Reflexology for Pain and Stress Management

  • Reiki Drum Healing for Self-Discovery health and wellbeing, prosperity, happiness, mental and emotional reprogramming, to overcome addictions, negative thinking, habits, and behaviour change

    Reiki Drum Healing

  • Sale! reiki drum journey and energy healing therapy

    Reiki Drum Journey

  • Sale! Reiki for Anxiety

    Reiki for Anxiety

  • Sale! Learn Reiki Level 1: Shoden Initiations. Energy Healing Courses Online and in Central London. Reiki Level 1, Reiki Level 2, Reiki Level 3, and Practitioner Level certification courses in London

    Reiki Level 1 Course in Central London

  • Sale! relaxing massage london

    Relaxing Massage London

  • Thoughtful Gifts that say I Love You - the ideal last minute personalised present for Valentines, Mother's Day, or a special occasion in London

    Thoughtful Gifts that say I Love You

  • Sale! Venus-Pleiades Healing Initiations April 3 2020 Online Spiritual Event

    Venus-Pleiades Healing Initiations Online Event 03-04-20 RECORDINGS| Mexica Tradition