Reiki Drum Journey


Reiki Drum Journey Sessions & Packages

Reiki Drum Journey: Energy & Sound Therapy Synergy for Self-Discovery, Health, Prosperity & Happiness. Release Blocks, Unlock Your Potential!

Benefits of experiencing a Reiki Drum Journey:

Physical Health & Wellbeing: the sound vibration promotes healthy blood and lymph circulation, removes toxins, and unblocks stagnant flow; meanwhile, Reiki replaces what the sound wave removes with the type of energy you need at your optimum level and speeds up the integration of new and healing frequencies.

Mental & Emotional Wellbeing: if you feel a bit stuck, this vibrational therapy synergy will shift whatever needs to be released with clarity and intention. Expect some aha! moments!

Metaphysical: your journey to health, wellbeing, prosperity, and happiness may involve ancestral healing or soul retrieval, so stay open to all possibilities!

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