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Reiki Drum Healing Sessions & Packages

Create Change in Your Health & Wellbeing, experience Life Repatterning, Behaviour Change, better Mental & Emotional Health, Optimism, and Spiritual Growth. This vibrational therapy helps you overcome trauma, addictions, negative thinking, anxiety, heavy emotions, and unwelcome habits easier and faster.

It takes the brain a minimum of 21 days to establish new neuropathways, so I recommend you book a package of a minimum of 3 weeks to see desired changes.



Reiki Drum Healing Sessions and Packages are for Creating Change in Your Health & Wellbeing, Life Repatterning, Behaviour Change, Mental & Emotional Reprogramming, and Spiritual Growth. This vibrational therapy helps you overcome trauma, addictions, negative thinking, heavy emotions, and bad habits easier and faster.

The main benefits of Reiki Drum Healing as a vibrational therapy:

  • it combines Reiki Energy Flow with Sound Healing, to create a multidimensional approach to healing
  • it harmonises your energy with the heart of Mother Earth, to re-establish your natural rhythm
  • it balances the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies simultaneously
  • it relieves pain & stress and speeds up the healing
  • it reminds the body of its ideal vibratory state, and
  • it entrains the brain into an almost hypnotic state, where you can create the changes you want to see in your life.

Reiki Drum Healing differs in scope from a Reiki Drum Journey. However, even if we initially think we know what the issue is that we want to transform or overcome, we might benefit from journeying on it, to confirm we’re on the right track and remove any obstacles.

Whether you book one 60min session out of curiosity or a 4-week package to change something in your life, this experience will grant you access to intuitive insights that have the potential to enhance your life and facilitate the changes or healing needed for you to move on.

90-120min sessions and packages may include working with the Pleiades or deeper shamanic work such as ancestral healing. to facilitate the change you wish for, as we unknowingly inherit life patterns or behaviours that have been passed on to us ancestrally or from the land where we were born.

Packages include Consultation, follow-ups, Reiki Drum Healing and Journeys, Home practices, Initiations, and Spiritual Guidance.

A 4-week Therapy Package is ideal for people who want to start and finish a month’s project or to re-establish their connection with cycles of life and their highest nature. Ideally taken over 4 consecutive weeks, we can work with the phases of the Moon to remove blocks, clear your energy field, plant the seeds of your dreams, grow your project and manifest its success!

A Therapy Package, rather than a one-off session, is most beneficial to people experiencing long-standing difficulties. This allows for gradual and deep transformation in all aspects of life. The sessions build on each other. Emerge healthier, happier, and with new life skills, as you will learn home practices you can apply anytime, anywhere, for the rest of your life!

Reiki Drumming was originated by Sedona-based Michael Baird in 1999 to increase the power of Reiki Distance Healing. That means, this therapy can be received at a distance – we can connect online or by phone if we are far from each other.

Contact me if you have questions, or need to make any special arrangements.

Reiki Blessings!

Ersilia Arjocan MA PGCE Reiki Master Teacher


I am a qualified and insured holistic therapist and educator vetted as a Reiki Training Provider by the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).

Recognised by EmbodyForYou in their Top 100 Salons & Therapists year after year.

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