Pleiades Star Chakras Energy Healing FREE INTRO CLASS

Discover how the 7 Pleiades Star Chakras are used for healing and life transformation, and how you can learn to do it, too!

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The 7 Pleiades Star Chakras are a chakra system healing modality originating from the indigenous Mexican tradition. Join the Pleiades Collective to learn all about this powerful healing technique.

Discover how to tap into the cosmic energy of the Pleiades star cluster for healing, life transformation, and consciousness evolution. Whether you’re a seasoned energy healer or a curious newbie, this class is perfect for anyone looking to expand their spiritual knowledge. Don’t miss out on this cosmic opportunity!


What are the Pleiades Star Chakras?

The Pleiades Star Chakras are energy centres in our body, like the ones you know from the Vedic tradition, but they have different locations and functions compared to the ones you may already know about.

These Pleiades Star Chakra System and healing techniques originate in Central Mexico. We received this spiritual initiation via an indigenous healer & visionary woman called Xochicuauhtli (Flowering Eagle), whose greatest wish was to reawaken and heal the Sacred Feminine through the teachings of the Pleiades.

In this free intro class, we look at:

  • the influence of the Pleiades in human history
  • the energy centres in our body corresponding to the Pleiades (not the chakras you know!)
  • why now is a crucial time for reconnecting with their guidance
  • the benefits of bringing the Pleiades energies consciously into our lives
  • possible first or next steps on your cosmic healing journey

Ersilia Arjocan MA PGCE is the founder of HolisticTreats and Pleiades Academy and specialises in Integrative Therapies | Approved Training Provider member of the IGCT & CThA.

Her flagship training courses are the only globally accredited Pleiades Star Chakra Healing Practitioner Certification Courses.

The upcoming Pleiades Rising Experiential Day is the practical immersion training (Level 1/Beginners) taking place on June 29 at Tara Yoga Centre in Old Street, London EC1V 3QW.

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