Pleiades Energy Healing

Healing with the Pleiades in the Mexica tradition activates your Night Chakras to harmonise your life, clear your space, and boost your prosperity!

Pleiades Healing is a natural energy medicine technique that can help you improve your health, wealth, and relationships, heal ancestral and karmic patterns that affect your life, and prevent them from being passed on to further generations, Heal yourself to heal your bloodline! That’s a must-have win-win situation.

Take advantage of my special rates, and receive these powerful energies for your enhanced wellbeing and prosperity.

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Pleiades Energy Healing is an integrative therapy that originated from the authentic Mexican natural medicine tradition passed on through spiritual lineages. Generally, this can help you improve your health, wealth, and relationships, heal ancestral and karmic patterns that affect your life, and prevent them from being passed on to further generations. Through you, you can also heal a blood relative. Heal yourself to heal your bloodline. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It is possible.

The Pleiades rule Collective Consciousness

Known as the Seven Sisters in the West, the Star Blossoms in China, and the Dreaming Stars in Australia, they are invoked in ancestral cultures for help, guidance, protection, and healing across the world.

In ancient Mexico they were used to open sacred paths mirroring the cosmos, and activate lay lines; even the market stalls (tianguis) were named after and arranged in the shape of the Pleiades (Tianquiztli), to align with the Cosmic Order. The same method can be used for space clearing and protection in your home or at work.

If you experience heavy emotions such as sadness or depression, anger, or difficulty sleeping, it may not just be day to day stress – the place where that happens has its own energy flow that may be disturbing you, If this resonates with you, a longer session would be more beneficial, to treat both you and your home or workplace.

In our body, these blue stars rule the Night Chakras, our dreams, and the unconscious mind – did you know you had night chakras that govern your essence, your Energy Body?

A 1hr Pleiades Energy Healing session is enough to see some immediate results. A month’s package of 4 consecutive sessions is life-changing.

Book a 2-hr session for you and your home, or a residential mini-retreat (3-4hrs), which includes personal healing, space clearing, and initiation. I will teach you how to use the energy of the Pleiades for self-care, helping others, and space clearing.

I am a qualified and insured holistic therapist and trainer member of the Complementary Therapists Association (CThA).

In addition to complementary therapies, I am passionate about natural health and wellbeing beyond convention. I love science as much as the rich teachings of healing traditions, and my unique ability is to combine the latest science with the most effective energy medicine techniques for the highest good of my clients.

I have been studying indigenous healing methods for over 5 years, and integrate them into my therapy practice if needed. I also teach in the community as part of an authentic lineage of Mexica Healers and Toltec Lucid Dreamers.

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