Online Live Healing Ceremony for Health & Abundance | Taurus New Moon c. Pleiades | 19:30-22:30 BST, Saturday 25 April 2020

Super Special Online Live Healing Ceremony for Health & Abundance with the Sun, Moon, and Stars in Taurus!

The Taurus New Moon conjuncts Alcyone, the central and brightest star of the Pleiades in the constellation of Taurus on Saturday 25th April 2020.

This is an unmissable cosmic portal that opens an opportunity for healing and strengthening our body, our material existence, renewing our financial stability and abundance, and planting the dreams for the good life we desire

In this Experiential Learning Workshop, we’ll also be working with the Earth Element, for healing the body, regulating immunity, shedding what is obsolete, so we can start a better cycle, and renew our dreams for ourselves and the planet.

Bonus Teaching: my personal Sun, Moon & Stars Rituals 

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Moon Magic Online Events: 4 Live Experiential Workshops | 22 April to 07 May 2020
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Online Live Healing Ceremony for Health & Abundance | Taurus New Moon c. Pleiades | 19:30-22:30 BST, Saturday 25 April 2020

Join this special Online Live Healing Ceremony to experience Mexica Moon Rituals and to anchor the Starlight of the Pleiades for healing yourself, the planet, and the collective. Learn hands-on how to work with the energetics of the Moon, Mother Earth, the Stars, and the Natural Laws to restore yourself to balance. Gain new skills for life and self-empowerment!

7:30-10:30pm BST – The 2nd of 4 Zoom Live Experiential Workshops

  1. Weds 22 April – Holistic Detox & Clearing with Waning/Dark Moon Rituals (Mexica day 1 Wind, the Element/energy that will influence the following 13 days). Balance WATER & AIR/Wind to heal repetitive patterns, heavy emotions & karma. 
  2. Sat 25 April – Healing with the Taurus New Moon conjunct Alcyone (Pleiades) Mexica day 4 Coatl (4 is the number of Mother Earth, Coatl/Serpent is her favourite pet, and the nahual for physical healing, shedding & renewal – this should be very potent. Learn how to work with the EARTH ELEMENT: healing with and for Mother Earth, and learn how to close portals in your home.
  3. Thur 30 April – Waxing Moon & Ancestral Healing – Mexica Day 9 Dog/ Wind trecena
  4. Thur 7th May – Full Moon | Break the Illusion – Get Clarity – Create Change |  RejuvenationMexica day 3 Ollin / Movement | FIRE ELEMENT
Enjoy self-discovery and self-empowerment through a time-tested process, staying connected to and growing spiritually in the community, and keep yourself emotionally balanced, mentally sane and physically well for the foreseeable future. It will prove highly beneficial to you while in physical isolation.
In this practical online live spiritual event, we’ll do some powerful healing and strengthening with Mother Earth, learn Moon Rituals to manifest our intentions, and plant dreams with the Stars that hold our collective consciousness.
The whole planet is going through a period of transition, which may be confusing and destabilising. For some, the Taurus New Moon may make it hard to move on.
You can still join this Series of 4 Immersive Workshops – just sign up, and catch up (get the recording and slides of the first module).
I designed this Wellbeing Programme to take you through a complete process of transformation by harnessing the latest science, the ancient wisdom of the Mexica Healing Tradition, and the holistic health expertise I gained during my 15 years of practical experience running an Integrative Therapy Practice.
I’m here to help you navigate change and emerge better off.
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