Moon Magic & Pleiades Initiations Event 03-02-20 | Mexica Healing Tradition

Join us for more Moon Magic & Pleiades Initiations  – an Experiential Evening with the Feminine Star Energy of the Pleiades as they conjunct the Waxing Moon at the auspicious time of Imbolc and the Beginning of the Lunar Year!

19:30, Monday 3 February 2020 at the Light Centre Monument, EC3R 8DU



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Moon Magic & Pleiades Initiations promise a fascinating first encounter with the Feminine Star Energy of the Pleiades at Imbolc and the beginning of the Lunar Year!

In this powerful Moon Magic & Pleiades Initiations session You will:

Learn the Ancient Mexican Ritual of Empowering the Hands with the Moon, and how to use the phases of the Moon to harmonise with the rhythms of nature and manage your energy and power of manifestation.

Connect with the First Pleiad, the central and brightest star in the Pleiades cluster.

Practise an easy but highly effective way of harmonising your Energy with your Cosmic Nature – tune with the Rhythm of the Universe to create synchronicity and manifest your dreams!

Discover how the Moon and the Pleiades guide and influence Humanity, how they rule our Dreams, Conscious & Subconscious Mind and what we manifest in our physical reality through our Night Chakras.

The Pleiades rule the Collective Consciousness

Known as the Seven Sisters in the West, the Star Blossoms in China, and the Dreaming Stars in Australia, they are invoked in ancestral cultures for help, guidance, protection, and healing across the world.

Working with the Pleiades in the Mexica tradition activates your Night Chakras to harmonise your life, clear your space, and boost your prosperity!

This is a unique energy medicine technique that can help you improve your health, wealth and relationships, heal ancestral and karmic patterns that affect your life, and prevent them from being passed on to further generations. (See Healing with the Pleiades for more information)


*You will be able to repeat the Ritual of Empowering your Hands with the other 4 lunar phases when the time comes – they have distinct functions and the ritual reflects that.

*This evening’s meetup is an immersive experience, a practical introduction to Mesoamerican shamanism.

*This powerful session takes place at the exact conjunction of the Waxing Moon and Alcyone, the central and brightest star in the Pleiades cluster, and initiates you with ONE of SEVEN. The complete “Healing & Manifestation with the Pleiades in the Mexica Tradition” training is a Full Day Course scheduled for mid-February 2020. Consider this initiation a Deep Dive Taster!

The Waxing Moon helps you GROW things in your life – think about what you would like to grow more of, or develop fully!

Alcyone represents the First Pleiad in the Toltec/Mexica tradition, Ce Tianquiztli, which rules your Conscious Mind, all current life events, states, and processes – what you manifest in your Here & Now – think about what needs healing, improvement or growth in your life!

The Energy of the Day in the Aztec Calendar is 6 Water. Both the Moon and Pleiades influence Water – we will work with the energy of the day to increase fertility, abundance, and emotional wellbeing.


Bring a bottle of water to programme with your wishes & intentions – drinking this energised water will transmit your will to your every cell, so you embody it.

What you might like to bring with you:

Your favourite rattle and maybe a moonstone or a starry crystal!
Your journal to write down your experiences
Something nice as an offering (fruit or flowers), which we’ll share at the end

Get in touch if you have any questions or if you’d like to book a private session.
Looking forward to meeting you!

Bright blessings!



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