Pleiades Healing

Pleiades Healing can help you improve your health, wealth and relationships, heal ancestral and karmic patterns that affect your life, and prevent them from being passed on to further generations. Heal yourself to heal your bloodline and your ancestry. Wouldn’t that be amazing? It is very possible!

The Pleiades rule Collective Consciousness. Known as the Seven Sisters in the West, the Star Blossoms in China, and the Dreaming Stars in Australia, they are invoked for help, guidance, healing, and protection across the world.

In ancient Mexico they were used to open sacred paths mirroring the cosmos, and to activate lay lines; even the market stalls (tianguis) were named after and arranged in the shape of the Pleiades (Tianquiztli), to align with the Cosmic Order.

In our body, these blue stars rule the night chakras, our dreams, and our unconscious mind – did you know you had night chakras that govern your essence, your energy body?

I am part of an authentic lineage of Mexica Healers and Lucid Dreamers, besides being an experienced complementary therapist and teacher. I believe in empowering people with knowledge and skills, not just making things better for them in the short term.

1hr Pleiades Healing session is enough to address one issue, and you will experience immediate effects.

Book a longer session or a mini-retreat to learn Healing with the Pleiades and be able to use this independently for selfhealing, to help others, or for space clearing.

Activate your Night Chakras with the Pleiades, our nocturnal blue suns!

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