Massage Therapy

Massage therapy helps relaxation, reduces pain, improves blood and lymph circulation, and promotes faster recovery after sports or injuries.

Neck, Head and Shoulder Massage is highly recommended for stress relief, as it relaxes and soothes this tense area. It can also relieve tension headaches and blocked sinuses.

The Frangipani Head Massage is more like a 1-hour Luxury Trip to Tahiti! Enjoy 60min of Head, Neck and Shoulder Massage with Frangipani-infused oil deep conditioning treatment for skin, hair, and scalp. This would make a fantastic gift to anyone you love, including yourself!

A super relaxing and enjoyable treat for your mind, body, and soul. The best one hour break your mind will ever have!

Back Massage is a blessing you must claim if you work behind a desk 8 hours a day, or have a more physical occupation that involves lifting weights.

Full Body Massage Therapy is highly beneficial for all the reasons mentioned above – remember that everything is connected – back pain can start due to problems with your feet, legs and pelves. Tense fascia in your legs translates into lower back pain. Treat your body holistically!

Aromatherapy Massage comes with the added benefit of plant essences – essential oils are distilled from medicinal plants and enhance any massage therapy treatment.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy applied with massage to the feet and hands to restore your wellbeing.

Crystal Massage and Hot Oil Massage are amazing enhancements to any massage therapy treat

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  • Sale! head massage with frangipani nourishing hair and scalp treatment

    Frangipani Head Massage

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  • Sale! Gift Card Offers | Therapy eVoucher | Wellness Gift | HolisticTreats London and Online | 120min Any Therapy

    Gift Card SALE | 120min Bespoke Complementary Therapy Package

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    Gift Card SALE | 90min Bespoke Complementary Therapy Package

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  • Sale! PhytoQI Reflexotherapy New Signature Method | Enhanced Reflexology for Relaxation, Pain and Stress Management | New and Exclusive Therapy Package: Reflexology, Prescription Aromatherapy, and Reiki Energy Healing for Profound Therapeutic Effects beneficial for Pain Relief, Stress Management, Fatigue, IBS, inflammation, and chronic conditions.

    PhytoQI Reflexotherapy | New Natural Luxury Treat

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  • Sale! Reflexology for pain and stress management. reflexology and prescriptive aromatherapy

    Reflexology for Pain and Stress Management | Reflexology Packages

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    Relaxing Massage London