Ancestral Healing

Ancestral Healing is for you, your Ancestors, your bloodline, present and future generations.

It can help resolve repetitive patterns that may have been passed on generationally: health problems, karma, behavioural issues, trauma, fertility difficulties, limiting beliefs, emotional patterns, and more.

It is a natural way to connect with this vast but usually untapped resource of latent talents, skills, and gifts that could enrich our lives if we embraced it.

In the Mexica tradition, the Ancestors were celebrated for 60 days every year! Now the Day of the Dead is famously broadcasted on all media channels, and the whole world chimes in.

The Ancestors are in our DNA and through us in our children; therefore, they are in the past, in the present, and in the future. They are in our nature.

Recognising that offers pathways to healing our lives and preventing karmic patterns, trauma, illnesses and inherited behavioural patterns from manifesting in us and our children.

Medical science shows that trauma is passed on through epigenetics across 14 generations, however, we only know 2-3 generations before us. So, spiritual healing with our Ancestors is a good and practical way to solve unexplained issues at an energetic level.

Ancestral Healing goes beyond flowers, candles, offerings, and prayer. It’s a spiritual solution to solving the practicalities of life.

Time to experience Healing with the Ancestors


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