Moon Phases: How to Use the Lunar Cycle to Stay Well and on Track

19th November 2021


Moon Phases may be the last thing that occurs to you, if at all when it comes to getting your health and life-work balance right, but think about it! Do you sometimes try to push for something only to see it stall? Unable to relax or sleep when you need to, buzzing when you know you should be snoozing?

Moon phases could be the only thing that may offer a stabilising anchor as we navigate the ebbs and flow of current reality. Remember what your “normal” used to be? The bright lights and busyness of The City made it easy to lose track of yourself. So does living in isolation for long enough to forget the days of the week.

Nevertheless, it’s time to hone your intuition and retune with the subtle rhythms of nature. Discover how easy and enjoyable it can be to reconnect with your expanded nature and regain your sparkle! Learn how to synchronise your life rhythm with the Moon Phases to regain your life-work balance, manage your energy, and enjoy life more. Here’s why.

Our Pace and Quality of Life are directly influenced by Lunar Phases and Solar Cycles

Historically, humanity has been fascinated with the Sun, Moon, and Stars. Externally, we measure our age by the number of Earth spins around the Sun, sail by the tides, grow and harvest crops according to seasons, timed by moon cycles, and, in modern biodynamic gardening, in relation to the Sun, Moon, and the Zodiac!

phases of the moon

Moon Phases influence our mood and sleep.

Likewise, the Moon influences the water element internally.  According to science, our body is on average 60% water, with the heart and brain 73%, lungs about 83%, kidneys and muscles 79%, while bones contain a surprising 31% water! Therefore, the Moon influences our autonomic physiology, subconscious mind, psychology, sleep, and dream as much as our lifestyle does. A study published in Current Biology gathered the first scientifically measured Evidence that the Lunar Cycle Influences Human Sleep, showing that we get around 20 minutes less sleep at Full Moon compared with a New Moon.

phases of the moon

Moon Phases influence our energy levels, behaviour, sleep, and dreams

Moon Phases and their Meaning

According to all practical wisdom traditions, every moon phase has a function and timely activities to make the best use of the available cosmic influences including light. Taking this ancient knowledge into account in our planning of personal or work projects can help us strategise our efforts more easily, and better our chances of attaining our goals.

Moon Phases Names and Order

Moon Phases Names and Order

If we think of the moon cycle as a 4-week period, it makes it easy to identify the two main phases of growth ( 0 to 100% fullness, or visibility of the Moon), and the reverse, diminishing intensity from 100% full to 0% visible (Dark Moon). So, there are two main phases (Waxing and Waning), which further divide into shorter periods and turning points. 

  • New Moon / Waxing CrescentWeek 1, from seeing a sliver of the moon until the First Quarter, when 50% of the Moon is visible – set your intentions – it’s time to start something new. Begin a project, create a new habit or a novel approach.
  • First Quarter  – the Moon reached 50% visibility: Decision Point – an Impulse for Action 
  • Waxing GibbousWeek 2 of the Lunar Cycle – time to push and grow; energy is available, nurture what you have created; invest yourself, increase effort to reach a milestone, or the apex by the Full Moon.
  • Full Moon – 100% – the moment of maximum intensity and illumination; make this the finishing point, a deadline, aim for completion of a task, accomplishment of a goal, or some kind of achievement by this time in the Lunar Cycle. Emotions may run high. You are likely to sleep less – the perfect time for Lucid Dreaming, Dream Planting, and Full Moon Rituals!
  • Disseminating Moon / Waning GibbousWeek 3 of the Moon Cycle – be in a receiving mode – new understanding is possible, gain clarity – what became apparent? What are the conclusions? What are you learning? What worked, what didn’t? How can you refine the process? 
  • Third Quarter Moon (50%): Decision Point – What will you keep, what needs to go?
  • Balsamic Waning MoonWeek 4 /Last Quarter – reduce your efforts, gradually withdraw, and prepare the ground for the new cycle. Time to clean up, release, declutter – cut out what doesn’t work, and make some room. Let go and heal.
  • Dark Moon 0% – invisible, but holding the full potential. Remove hidden obstacles before a new start. Learn to transform and manage your energy. In the Mexican Tradition, at the Dark Moon, you’d charge your Obsidian Healing Tools, and start preparing new ones, like a new incense burner, which you’ll start using at the Full Moon.  

Living by the Moon Phases: Life and Work

You can see how living by the Moon would make life easier and more sustainable. Another angle for checking where you are in your life is to look at your Life Cycle as if it were a Moon Cycle – which Moon Phase are you in? Have you achieved what you wanted? A similar perspective would be looking at Life as an Earth Year and its seasons. 

And if you were to use the principles of the Lunation Cycle for business, think how the phases of the moon could apply to the stages of the Project Management Lifecycle: Initiation – Planning – Execution – Monitoring & Control – Closure. The time scale may differ, but the process is the same. Experiment! I’d love to hear back from you, see if it makes things easier or smoother. It should at least help you plan and manage your efforts strategically, and become more in tune with the natural rhythms of life in the process.

New Moon Rituals

New Moon Ritual

Light a candle, and, if you keep a Moon Diary, sit in meditation and think what you would like to manifest over the following lunar month. Every New Moon gives us another chance to start something new. Write down a list of up to 10 wishes, or, if focusing on a personal or business project, write the goals, tasks, and deadlines over the next month that will help you achieve your objectives. Remember that the energy increases as the Moon grows, so make the Full Moon an achievable milestone so that you take advantage of the extra boost from the Waxing Moon (GROWTH) and the Full Moon (CULMINATION) influences.

What is a Black New Moon? 

The term Black New Moon is a way of distinguishing the occurrence of a rare phenomenon from a regular Dark Moon / New Moon. It’s either the second New Moon in a calendar month or the third New Moon in a season with 4 New Moons. 

Symbolically, this is like the Universe gives you another chance to discover what is deeply meaningful to you, a precious extra opportunity for deep self-inquiry, recalibration, and seeding your life’s journey in alignment with your soul’s path. 

The Leo New Moon on the 19th of August 2020 was such a rare occurrence – the next one will not be until 2022! We met online for an experiential workshop of healing and divination with the Black New Moon, Black Obsidian, the stone of the psyche, and Water. 

Full Moon Rituals

Full Moon rituals are many and usually performed at Full Moon gatherings. As the energy climaxes, many people think the purpose of this moon phase is to release, take the pressure off. However, this need for a release is mistaken for an opportunity to dump heavy or uncomfortable energies, which is in fact a loss of energy! The Full Moon brings things to a head, but also brings completion, culmination, peak, achievement, and illumination.

 The days after the Full Moon (the beginning of the Disseminating phase) are the perfect time for teaching and learning, drawing conclusions, and refining the process. Only after that, during the Waning Moon, the natural flow helps you release the obsolete, remove obstacles, and clear the way for the following Moon Cycle and better new beginnings with the New Moon.

Join us online for the first Full Moon event

Full Moon Magic & Dream Planting Ceremony Online Event 17 Jan 2022 19:30-21:30 GMT

Full Moon Magic & Mexica Dream Planting Ceremony Online Event

Full Moon Magic & Mexica Dream Planting Ceremony Online Event

Click to download this great Starwalk Supermoons & Micromoons infographic  

Blue Moon Rituals 

In short, a Blue Moon occurs every 2.7 to 3 years when there are two Full Moons in a month. Does the Moon turn blue? NO, unless there are some catastrophic changes to the atmosphere, like in 1883, when the Indonesian volcano Krakatoa exploded, and the Moon looked blue or green for a long time, because of the volcanic ash in the air. The most exciting Blue Moon is the Halloween Blue Moon, which occurs every 19 years or so. We had a super-successful Blue Moon Magic online session last Halloween – the ritual we performed shifted a long-standing ancestral pattern for one of us, and it sped up a very slow and nearly hopeless process for me – feeling very lucky and grateful! 

We can perform the good fortune ritual I taught in this class at every full moon, but it’s most powerful at the time of a Blue Moon, and the Halloween Blue Moon was an exceptionally powerful agent of manifestation, that’s for sure!

The next Blue Moon is on the 22nd of August 2021. If you feel called to learn this ritual in preparation, purchase the class recording for only £15 by clicking on the image or link below. 

Halloween Blue Moon Magic Rituals | Lunar Goddess Initiations | Online Class Recordings

Halloween Blue Moon Magic Rituals | Lunar Goddess Initiations | 2-4PM GMT Online Class

Halloween Blue Moon Magic Rituals | Lunar Goddess Initiations | Online Class Recordings

Moon Rituals at the time of a Lunar Eclipse

This is when you’d use energy healing techniques differently, to dispel fear and confusion and gain much-needed clarity and direction. We will remember 2020 as The Eclipse Year – we have 6 eclipses instead of the usual 3-4. The one on the 10th of January shook up the old structures (Capricorn), while in July the Lunar Eclipse amplified our emotions (Cancer). A sense of insecurity and fear marred our collective psyche as the world shut down (Covid-19) and the cracks in the old social structures widened. The world as we knew it is still amid change, as the established status quo does not sustain us.

At the Strawberry Full Moon on the 5th of June last year, I ran an online workshop designed as a practical group healing session to help my clients stay well and connected while in isolation. This is what we worked on then, and following this year’s May & June eclipses, you can still consider:

  • the South Lunar Node (representing the past) to release old ideologies and outdated plans, in view of current changes
  • the Eclipse to clear the shadow (doubt, confusion, blind spots, heavy emotions, insecurities, and blocks) 
  • the vibrant energy and brilliant qualities of the Full Moon to gain clarity and direction, as the Moon’s Nodal Axis will stay in Sagittarius-Gemini until January 2022, when it moves to Scorpio-Taurus.
  • planting better dreams for ourselves and the collective – much-needed healing

Eclipses are dynamic catalysts – let’s shift the energies, keep things moving! We came together again at the time of another powerful penumbral lunar eclipse on the 30th of November. The last Gemini Full Moon Eclipse was in 2012 – that 8-year lunar cycle is now complete, which we marked on the 30th of Nov. 2020. 

This November, on the morning of the 19th, there’s a Taurus Full Moon Eclipse conjunct the Pleiades, which will rise to the highest point in the sky for this latitude in the evening. In Mexico, the Pleiades will rise to the Zenith. This exceptionally powerful cosmic alignment of the Sun on one side of the Earth and the Full Moon c. Pleiades at the Zenith on the other, create a Galactic Portal, synchronising the Heart of the cosmos with our personal & planetary heartbeat.

A crucial time for realignment, reconnection, renewal, rebirth, and consciousness evolution.

Click on the image below to get the recordings of the Taurus Full Moon Eclipse-Pleiades New Fire Ceremony online event.

Disseminating Moon Rituals

Time to Teach, Learn, Give, and Receive. A good time to seed the future with your dreams. The next Disseminating Moon coincides with the Day of the Dead – we will hold a Ceremony to Heal the Ancestors and to Receive our Ancestral Gifts. This will be a super special occasion when I will also teach Hunter’s Magic as the Blue (Hunter’s) Full Moon conjuncts the Pleiades.   

Waning Moon Rituals

The last quarter of the lunar cycle is the best phase of the moon to let go of anything that is obsolete and becomes a burden or obstacle to creating a more adequate reality, especially this year! Make a point of decluttering your physical environment, giving up bad habits, negative thinking, heavy emotions, conscious and unconscious blocks. If you’re searching for what moon phase to clear your mind of bad thoughts, this is it: do it during the Balsamic Waning MoonWeek 4 /Last Quarter of the lunar cycle until the Dark Moon. 

Dark Moon Rituals 

The Dark Moon is a period of 21 to 26 hours when the Moon is not visible in the sky. Technically, it is the very end of the Waning Moon phase, just before the thinnest sliver of a New Moon appears visible to the naked eye. It’s like the pause between breaths, the still point when you feel that anything is possible!

When the Moon is dark, it gets all the light from the sun, without shedding any towards the Earth, which is why they say that it holds the full potential. It is 100% there, yet we can not see it with our naked eyes, we can only discover it intuitively.

The Dark Moon phase is the best time for deep meditation, mental and emotional declutter, and preparing the ground for the next cycle. A great time for divination, if you know how to do it, to know yourself deeply, get spiritual inner guidance, and align your plans and actions with who you really are now. What are your deepest needs? What is your heart’s desire now? 

Some of My Favourites: Moon Rituals in Mesoamerican Spiritual Traditions

In the Toltec/Mexica tradition, for instance, the Full Moon is the number one occasion for Collective Healings, Lucid Dreaming, Dream Planting, and Empowering the Hands with the Moon. The Women hold Dream Ceremonies in person or in Collective Dream State. Many participants are amazed at their own experiences of self-discovery, magical synchronicities, and healing. As the Dream State of Consciousness overlaps with similar realities, one of us had a visitation from a much-loved ancestor, another was pulled to the top of the Dream Pyramid, and saw her highest potential, while somebody who works with the Divine Feminine, created such powerful imagery, that she inadvertently projected her visualisation into the middle of the room, sharing her dream symbol with the collective. We did this again online at the Taurus Blue Moon on Halloween – Get the Recording

Online Live Events: Transform Your Life! Mexica Moon Dream Ceremony

Online Live Events: Transform Your Life! Mexica Moon Dream Ceremony

Manifesting with the Moon Phases and the Stars

One of the best times of the month for manifesting is when the Moon (our personal desires) and the Pleiades (star guides of our Collective Consciousness) meet in Taurus (the earth sign that brings us tenacity, stability, enjoyment of life, and physical abundance). Make the most of the Moon Phases at the time of the conjunction: New Moon – start something, Waxing Gibbous – push ahead, Full Moon  – reach a milestone, Waning Moon – do the aftermath and start clearing to make room for the next Moon Cycle!

And then you have the unmissable cosmic opportunities. After all the personal and collective shocks, traumas, and suffering, we got together online on the 2nd of November, the auspicious Day of the Dead, when the Disseminating Blue Moon conjuncted Alcyone, the central star of the Pleiades. I taught a unique Blue Moon Ritual and other spiritual practices to heal the ancestors and us with overnight amazing results! Very heartwarming.

What dreams do you hold dear and really want to see come true?  

Moon & Pleiades Initiations in the Mexica Tradition

Alignments between the Earth, the Moon, Venus, the Sun, and the Pleiades make up the time engine that keeps the Aztec Calendar going, creating cycles of time ranging from a fraction of a minute to 52 years on the smaller scale, and 26,000 years sidereal cosmic cycles, fostering the Evolution of Human Consciousness. Wouldn’t it be good to actually be in charge of what happens to your life and processes if only you knew how to work with the energies and qualities these cosmic bodies can lend us? After all, they are part of our expanded nature!

If you’d like to experience the energy of the Pleiades before you consider training, please have a look at the Pleiades Energy Healing one-to-one options, or book a session online.

The Online Course also includes Moon Magic Rituals to enhance your work with the Pleiades, as they together govern our personal psychology, dreams, and collective consciousness. The end of May class was a special edition held at the time of the Sun-Pleiades Conjunction at the Zenith, with new practices guaranteed to fast-track your conscious evolution!

Pleiades Energy Healing Course | Online Live Class 20-22 May 2021 RECORDINGS

Pleiades Energy Healing Live Online Course | Sun-Pleiades Initiations for Consciousness Evolution

Pleiades Energy Healing Live Online Course | Sun-Pleiades Initiations for Consciousness Evolution

Ersilia Arjocan MA is an integrative therapy practitioner & educator based in London. She has a background in humanities & a passion for evolution. Her expertise lies in marrying up the latest science with the most useful energy medicine techniques based on 15 years of successful holistic therapy practice, to facilitate personal change and deliver transformational experiences.

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